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History AND Drinking? Why, Oh Why?

Why, oh why not? Want to hear something crazy?  I’ve always felt connected to taverns. Not in the obvious college way, but in the genuine relationship way.   I’ve always considered them a character capable of telling me stories about the past and the present.  It was in early 2002 that I started making an effort to really get to know the taverns I encountered.  I like to think the feeling became mutual.

I believe that taverns, beer history and drinking culture are useful and familiar tools to teach diverse audiences about a city’s past.  For nearly two decades, I’ve been researching records, collecting oral histories and collaborating with experts in order to provide factual historic information to anyone wanting to learn about history in a fun and social way.

While Chicago is my passion and focus, my research has become a global endeavor.  I have extended my investigations to other American cities and world locales.  I focus on telling their stories through the lens of alcohol.  The goal will always be to share information with others by either writing about them or, even better, going to these wonderful watering holes across the world with people like you.  Pull up a stool, grab a beer, and let’s talk history.



Wanting to combine a love for pubs, history & her native Chicago, Liz Garibay created History On Tap in 2002, a project that explores history through the lens of alcohol. She created History Pub Crawls for the Chicago History Museum, an innovative approach to learning and one that combined education with socialization.  This program, and subsequent programs,  served as a model for future collaborations between alcohol makers and local and national museums.

While Liz began this thirst-free adventure in Chicago, her work now extends to other international cities.  Her work, talks, tours and overall expertise have been lauded by The Huffington Post, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, Time Out, the Toronto Star, The Scotsman, The Berliner Kurier, an assortment of other media & cultural organizations, and an array of happy tavern & brewery owners.  She is the only American to have ever been invited to join the prestigious & boozy organization known as the the Pub History Society of the United Kingdom.

When she’s not off giving tours or talks, consulting for museums and breweries, writing for global publications or discovering new tales, taverns, and towns she’s probably tucked away in one of her favorite ale houses root, root, rooting for her beloved Chicago Cubs.  Liz also serves on the Board of Directors of the Eastland Disaster Historical Society and on the Steering Committee of the LGBT Fund of the Chicago Community Trust.

Contact Liz at liz@historyontap.com