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The Lincoln Park Lion Roars Again

Posted by lizgaribay on September 29, 2014

As I waited to speak with Colin, a young girl had just walked through the door and inquired about a job.  While she didn’t have an appointment, Colin briefly spoke with her and quietly gave me the “one second” gesture. He managed to throw in a few comical one-liners before telling her to come back [...]

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Saving An Endangered Species: A Follow Up

Posted by lizgaribay on March 11, 2014

I have an amazing group of friends, family, colleagues and supporters that appreciate taverns and their history as much as I do.  On February 16, 2014, The New York Times published the article Saving an Endangered British Species: The Pub.  Almost immediately, my inbox overflowed with e-mails expressing a wide range of concern and emotions.  [...]

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The Olde Cheshire Cheese: The Pudding, the Parrot and the American Connection

Posted by lizgaribay on February 3, 2014

Like Italy has long played the role of my wonderfully seductive mistress, England shall forever hold the part of being my loving life long companion.  I think Charles Dickens, The Beatles, and tea did it to me.  I’ve been obsessed with that trio for eons.  My first adventure across the pond occurred at the same [...]

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La Dolce Vita

Posted by lizgaribay on September 2, 2013

Italy has always fascinated me.  As a kid I was drawn to that boot-shaped country where the Romans began their great empire – history provided the initial allure. But I quickly learned there was more to Italy than ancient ruins. I would spend time flipping through picturesque magazines or listening to romantic Italian music or [...]

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Posted by lizgaribay on August 9, 2013

I like a good story, but I love a good storyteller even more.  When I started researching taverns and their histories, it was ultimately the tales that drew me in and left me wanting to dig deeper.  But when you combine a great story with a great story teller, well that’s when an experience can [...]

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May Day

Posted by lizgaribay on May 2, 2013


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So Hoppy Together

Posted by lizgaribay on April 1, 2013

I met Michael Roper the same way I meet many tavern owners – just by sitting in the bar.  Back in the late 90s, I was definitely not a beer connoisseur, but for some reason, I was attracted to The Hopleaf.  The place had a historic and comforting feel.  It was the type of place [...]

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Piece…and Joy in 2013

Posted by lizgaribay on January 1, 2013

Living in a wonderful city like Chicago has always afforded me the luxury of being surrounded by phenomenal eateries and a variety of taverns.  With her amazing array of neighborhoods, the Windy City easily has something for everyone.  So it’s no wonder that many Chicagoans usually choose to stay close to home when it comes [...]

A Bitter Farewell

Posted by lizgaribay on September 21, 2012

One of the more saddening aspects of researching taverns is that many of them, old and new, often succumb to greater powers that be. Whether it’s money, neighborhood change, or life and death, pubs often fall victims to plain ‘ol reality and are forced to close their doors forever. Tonight is the last night that [...]

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Free Lunch, Nickel Beer, Priceless History

Posted by lizgaribay on September 5, 2011

Saloon. It’s one of my favorite words in the English language. The way the words roll off my tongue and through my lips forms, what to me is, the aural epitome of history. Saloon. Suh-looooooon. Coupled with the repeated verbalization, I often find myself envisioning what a Chicago saloon may have looked like during the [...]

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