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Category: Learning & Drinking
Date: February 16, 2018 - 7:30 PM ( Ends 11:00 PM )

Maybe you’ve heard rumors of the First Ward Ball—a party so spectacular, so debaucherous, that it could only thrive in turn-of-the-19th Century Chicago, supported by gamblers, madames, and only the most crooked of Chicago’s politicians. It lasted for little more than a decade, held annually on Chicago’s south side, and the participants consumed thousands of gallons of champagne, admired bawdy songs and poetry from local artists, and brushed arms with some of the city’s most glamorous (and notorious) citizens.

Our friends over at Atlas Obscura are putting together a night of history, music, burlesque – all with an 1890s twist.  And they’ve asked us to be a part of the line up.  Join us!