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Category: Tavern Tour
Date: June 4, 2017 - 1:00 PM ( Ends 4:00 PM )

Hey, cool cat!  Whaddya say you shell out a few extra clams for a real night out?  I know ya usually hit up the blind pig down the road but there’s a new speakeasy in town and word on the street is that it’s the bees knees.  Yeah, ya see, they’re gettin’ their moonshine from a bootlegger that’s supposed to be the real McCoy.  So seein’ that you’re the cat’s pajamas, how ’bout us scofflaws get out and get sozzled?!


Join us as we take a look at what made Chicago’s 1920s drinking culture untouchable.  We’ll visit bars that were once illicit drinking dens and discuss some factual and fascinating Prohibition era stories.  You’ll get insight into the meaning of some period slang so you can walk away a true wet.  At each location you’ll have time to throw back a drink while we dig deep into how this period in history ultimately shaped Chicago’s identity and American culture.

Thanks to Frommer’s for recently featuring this tour!  They’re the bee’s knees!

$35.  Ticket price includes transportation from tavern to tavern and a whole lot of history.  Drinks on you.  21+ only.  Purchase tickets HERETour meets at Twin Anchors, 1655 N. Sedgwick.