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Category: Tavern Tour
Date: August 16, 2018 - 6:00 PM ( Ends 9:00 PM )


From Chicago’s earliest beginnings, both bridges and beer have connected the city and its people – they are the links which have brought thirsty Chicagoans together.  From bridge tenders to bartenders, both have played pivotal roles in the development of our fine city.

Come lift your spirits on a unique walking bridge and bar tour led by tavern and beer historian, Liz Garibay and bridge historian, Patrick McBriarty.  The duo will share stories of Chicago beer and bridge history and relate the interplay between the two in the making of Chicago’s past.

$25. Ticket price includes five bridges, four bars, three hours, two miles and a whole lot of of delicious history. Drinks on you.  Tour meets at the New Line Tavern and most of the tour takes place along the Chicago Riverwalk.

Purchase tickets via Venmo (no transaction fee) or via Nightout (for a fee).