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Quotes From Gracious Fans

Liz, your blog, your tours, your app….amazing.  They really help me appreciate bars and history in a way I never knew I could.  Thanks! – Kate F.

Your Chicago Taverns & Tales app ROCKS! – Anonymous

This is a great blog – thanks for sharing! – Anonymous

The Taverns of Chicago are lucky to have such a dedicated patron and historian like you, Liz.  – Paul Tuzi, owner Twin Anchors

Incredible. Thanks for bringing this piece of Chicago history to light! – Complete Method

Thanks, Liz, for sharing so much fun history.  I’ve become a member of the Chicago History Museum because of you and the great stories you share! – Anonymous

I went on one of your tours because my friend wouldn’t stop talking about them.  I’ve tried and tried and tried to get a ticket and I finally was lucky.  All I can say is, awesome!  Now I’m the one that can’t stop talking about them.  Thanks for making history so fun. – Mark W.

I tend to visit another bar website for information about Chicago bars, but I gotta say, your site and information blows that other one out of the water!  Thanks – you are my go to for real information. – Allison T.

I love your app and it’s fun to learn about the bars I go to, thank you!  But I recently attended one of your tours and I was happily overwhelmed by the information you provided and the way in which you were both a knowledgeable historian and a talented storyteller.  Great work – can’t wait to learn more from both the app and your tours! – Pam R.